Are We Ready For The Age of Machine Learning?

Episode 1

Published on April 2017 | Running Time: 54:02

The crew headed to iDesignX 2017 in Brisbane, Australia, where we learned about the future of learning in instructional design and virtual reality. We had insightful discussions on recent research on the Future of Work, learning trends and next-gen digital environments, AI and adaptive learning platforms, the use of VR, and the importance of the learner experience.

This episode features:

Dr Melissa Bordogna

Dr Melissa Bordogna – Founder, Savvy Academic
We discuss Melissa’s approach to learner engagement and experience and the impact of these within the learning journey from the ‘learner’ and the ‘teacher’ viewpoints. We also find out what it’s like being a teacher in the age of machines and how to use technology to our learning advantage.

Working on research that develops models for the future of work, Melissa shares her findings and insights on the transformational changes we must prepare for and manage in future work environments.